18 May 2022
BABBITT Aluminum Chain Wheels
We delivered 100 sets of Aluminum Chain Wheels for a semiconductor manufacturer in Singapore.
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29 April 2022
Remote manual valve operation from a distance of up to 28 meters
4 sets of valve extended spindles to operate 4" ball valves (18-meter distance) and 4" angle valves (28-meter distance)
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30 July 2021
Several orders for Valve Extended Spindles
Deck stand, straight coupling, universal joints, bevel gearbox, handwheel extensions and spool piece
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12 March 2021
BABBITT Cast Iron Chain Wheels
146 sets of our most economical model for operating valves in high, normally out-of-reach locations
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08 February 2021
Woosung Bucket Strainer
Woosung Bucket Strainer Cast Steel Body with ANSI 150 Lbs Flange Connections
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