Reach Rods

Remote Control Reach Rod System

Our mechanical remote control reach rod system allows manual operation of valves from a distance.

Also known as valve extended spindles, these systems are widely used as backup redundancy in addition to automated control valve systems. They can improve accessibility to valves in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas, and can be used to actuate multiple valves from a single point of operation.

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The standard range of production includes the following components:

Deck Stand

Our deck stand is made of steel with a rugged coating system that includes epoxy primer with rust-preventive pigments and an epoxy enamel topcoat. The coating system provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability, making the deck stand suitable for use in harsh environments.

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Universal Joint

Our Universal Joint is meticulously machined from bar stock in stainless steel 304 or 316 for greater corrosion resistance. It features a large bearing surface and well-controlled tolerances between mating parts which contribute to its smooth operation and extended durability.

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Bevel Gear Box and Worm Gear Box

Our Bevel Gear Box and Worm Gear Box are both fully enclosed in protective housings that are sealed with hard-set rubber gaskets to prevent water ingress.
The Bevel Gear Box has an epoxy-coated steel housing, while the Worm Gear Box has a powder-coated cast iron housing. Both housings are designed to withstand prolonged submersion in harsh environments.

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Bulkhead Stuffing Box

Our Bulkhead Stuffing Box is permanently sealed and lubricated with Teflon gland packing and features a caged bearing. This design ensures dripless inter-tank sealing. Additionally, it comes with an adequately sized welding ring, allowing for direct installation on the bulkhead or tank top.

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Intermediate Coupling

Our Intermediate Coupling features a fully-enclosed housing sealed with multiple O-rings. The elongated housing firmly locks the internal stepped shaft in place, minimizing linear movement and wobbling of the rigid rod in rotation. This helps to extend the life span of the internal sealing.

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Spindle Yoke

Our Spindle Yoke is a water-tight component that shares the same design as the base of our Deck Stand. It is fitted with an adjustable packing with Teflon and functions like an Intermediate Coupling by reducing linear and wobbling movements of a rotating rigid rod.

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Below are a few examples showcasing the wide range of options available to expand our reach rod system.

 Miscellaneous Options

1. Extended Mounting Flange with Bevel Gear Box allows different orientation of gearbox shaft.

2. Reduction Gear Box to convert multi-turn input to quarter-turn output.

3. Long-Nose Bevel Gear Box with needle bearing for extended hand wheel shaft.

Here are some of the benefits of using a mechanical remote control reach rod system:
Improved safety: Reach rod systems can help to improve safety by reducing the need for personnel to enter hazardous areas to operate valves.
Increased uptime: Reach rod systems can help to increase uptime by providing a backup means of operating valves in the event of a power failure or other system failure.
Reduced costs: Reach rod systems can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need to install and maintain expensive automated control valve systems.
If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to operate valves from a distance, then a mechanical remote control reach rod system is a good option to consider.
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