Tasaro supplies flow control equipment and drainage systems for marine, offshore and general industries. We strive to deliver well-engineered products at competitive prices, through continuous engagement with our customers.

Our scope of supply covers a wide range of piping products , from the common gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves to the specials like valves with screw-down non-return disc, self-closing or quick-closing features, as well as their remote actuation through manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic means.

Our specialization is in providing Valve Engineering Solutions, primarily on manual actuation. We aim to provide ease of valve operation from remote location, to bring about greater cost saving and reliability as one would expect from manual operation. We also provide other solutions for operating valves from a distance. 

Under the brand of ACO Marine, we supply waste water treatment systems fully certified to IMO MEPC 227 (64), advanced grease management systems (biological grease trap and grease separators), push-fit pipes in stainless steel and galvanized steel, scuppers, channels and grates.

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Our Brands 

  Advanced Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Grease Separation, Drainage and Push-Fit Pipe Systems

  High-Quality Bonded Liner Butterfly Valves with Low Torque and Exceptional Long Life

  Quick-Closing Valve Systems with Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric Actuations

  Safe & Reliable Chain Wheels for Remote Valve Actuation

  Air Vent Heads with Type Approvals from Classification Societies
  • JUN

  Extensive range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball & Butterfly Valves
  • JYV

  Bronze Valves complying with various International Standards
  • KITZ

  Quality Threaded-end Valves at competitive prices

  Rugged Gearboxes for Quarter and Multi-turn Valves

  Full Range of Pneumatic Actuators and Accessories for Quarter-Turn Valves

  Reach Rod Extended Spindles for Manual Valve Remote Operation & Monitoring

  Strainers & Plug Valves Meeting API Spec Q1 & 6D Standards


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